Yoga and it’s therapy

The practice of Yoga makes inroads to help us in so many ways.

As an exercise it covers all the areas of the body, like giving space to the joints and organs and vitality to the brain.
It acts in a holistic way, working on the major systems of our physical body to create balance and harmony that we identify as health.

When we get sick,  injured or disturbed Yoga is an effective tool to bring relief, support and profound awareness to the cells to heal the structural and organic body as well as bringing lightness to the brain and mind.

Specifically the Iyengar Yoga system educates it’s practitioners and teachers to learn how to use yoga, not only as a daily practice to maintain our fundamental health, but also how to support the body with the different asanas when it becomes disturbed.

Iyengar Yoga classes are geared not to just run you through asana and exercise, but to educate the student about their body and how yoga also works as a therapy.

People notice that yoga sessions as therapy for specific things really makes a difference.
Pregnant women, for instance, feel more settled and connected to their process. Others with, say injured knees or shoulders, find yoga fast tracks the mending and strengthening process.  But most of all, there are so many people who’s lives are so busy they lose focus. Yoga brings the mind home and reconnects it with our heart’s function and spirit. It settles the nervous system’s electricity helping us to maintain calm.

NG Yoga’s Personalised classes work with asanas (postures) that are more specific to each person’s needs.


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