Modern era yoga for your cells

Over the last 3 decades Yoga has become increasingly popular and has now become mainstream with many choices of styles and teachers. We can shop around to find what we think might suit us, giving us a freedom of choice before we have experienced how yoga works. Already the cells have responded to our judgements, choosing this or that style.

Our bodies overall are changing too. We’ve evolved into a world population of increasing subcultures, mixed races and have been, for the first time in history, engaged in a physically driven era like never before. Our minds are going faster, we have created ways to fast track everything.

With all of this evolution around us how do we get back to the primal essence of ourselves? How do the cells in our body and brain know how to settle and still themselves so we can be nourished with our lives on escalation year in year out.

We sleep with a mind full of plans and possibilities then wake up to DO those things.

We are driven and impassioned and a yoga practice really helps us to be clear and action these goals. But there is a deeper source to tap into. There is a well somewhere deep inside us where we want to bathe our minds, float our thoughts and submerge our cells. The cells of the body, the brain and then everything around us is in constant flux, change and process. How can we still our cells, if only for a few moments, so we can start to glimpse at ourselves at the primal level. How can we just BE?

Yoga starts by a sort of extension of the cells with asana. We extend the brain and the body to open physical and mental spaces and gives us access to the cells of the body. Yoga, as a practice is as dynamic or subtle as it needs to be for life stages. For instance for women having a family it is invaluable. The asana helps improve their changing balance as the baby grows, helps her quiet her mind and gives her space to grow new life inside.

For athletic personalities, yoga training represents integration and efficiency of the body / mind coordination. Yoga practice brings refinement and assurance, making the awareness more acute and responsive. These cells, know how to function. Yoga helps to train these cells to equalise, let go of muscular tension on a very profound level and experience letting go of constant physical and mental holding.

Finally we bring all this down to what is more commonly described a “core strength”, the connection to the necessary muscular strength that keeps us physically centred and held but it has a flip side.

The deep sense of letting go and allowing our cells to settle and be free.

For more information on the benefits of yoga see

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