About Retreating in Bali


Being on a yoga retreat offers the time to let go of your daily commitments and to connect to yourself on a more profound level using yoga as a guide. Time aside to experience daily yoga and it’s effects. This is very different to just going to classes around your usual life and obligations. The tropical weather also brings a certain experience to the body’s response to yoga.

The focus on retreat is time to practice yoga and the process of self discovery. Time to unwind certainly, but also a time aside to work on yoga learning without the demands of work or day to day commitments. A retreat can mean different things to us all. For some it is a chance to have quiet time to relax and reflect. Others it takes on a more awakening experience of exploring and moving out of the normal routines in life. What ever shape your day takes on, yoga will help you navigate your time on retreat with a sense of space and sensitivity.

 commence with sitting meditation for 20 minutes and then a cup of tea. Then there is a 2 hour asana class in the cooler and serene hours of the morning followed by breakfast.

During the day there is plenty of time for you to unwind and relax in the lush hotel surrounds and pool if you wish and imbibe yourself in the daily retreat experience. You will also have time during the days to explore Ubud and it’s many wonderful sights. Nearby, you can visit many art galleries, temples, day spas, cafes, etc.

In the later afternoon we meet again for 1 1/2 hours of restorative yoga and pranayama to complete the yoga story for the day. Whether you are a beginner to yoga or more experienced, restoring and breathing in the afternoon each day helps to reunite and fortify the body’s connection to the yoga process of mind, body and breath.

Evenings can be spent in a variety of ways. The peaceful surroundings offer quiet time to spend reading, writing or enjoying an evening get together. You can dine either in your room or in the hotel’s relaxed outdoor dining room with Indonesian and western choices or make use of the free shuttle service into Ubud and dine out at one of the many restaurants.

Accommodation for the retreat is at Alam Indah, a peaceful and beautiful balinese hotel situated in Nyuh Kuning village and within an easy 10 minute walk into Ubud. The bungalow/villa style rooms are situated amidst lush tropical gardens and exude an ambience of true Balinese culture.

The staff are professional and very friendly. You will find this will help make your stay in Bali and the retreat experience memorable. The rooms have either a verandah or porch so you can enjoy the natural surrounds in privacy. There is also a beautiful swimming pool nestled in the jungle to cool off in during the day. The whole area is private and has a quiet and settled feeling, no TV and conducive to retreating.

The next Bali Retreat with Suzi Chin Silicz is from October 21-29, 2023 in Ubud.
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