My yoga journey



Yoga captivated me back in the 80’s after tumbling down a flight of terrace house stairs in inner city Sydney. My back was caught up in all sorts of pain and after visiting various body work practitioners with minimal result a friend suggested we try a yoga class together as she heard it was good for backs. I was 24 when I walked into my first Iyengar Yoga class.

Back in the 80’s there wasn’t a lot of yoga around but as luck had it there was a local studio in Mosman that we joined. The rest is history. I remained at The Yoga Centre practising and teaching for over 3 decades, dedicating myself to the art of yoga and teaching.

I am a Level 2 (Junior Intermediate) Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and have taught classes extensively around Sydney for over 25 years and practising for over 35 years. I currently teach classes, workshops and intensives at Redfern Yoga Space (previously The Yoga Centre East Redfern). I also hold retreats in Australia and Bali each year.

I’ve taught yoga in a variety of yoga schools & venues over the years including The Yoga Centre Kings Cross & Redfern, Neutral Bay Yoga Centre, Woke Yoga Potts Point, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, The Garvan Institute, Sydney University Women’s College, and private classes across the Sydney metro area. 

I studied yoga and trained with Caroline Coggins, the Iyengars in India & Australia and some intensive therapy modules with Stephanie Quirk. 

I look forward to welcoming everyone to yoga and it’s incredible journey!




Suzi Chin Silicz is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher
The BKS Iyengar Certification Mark

All Iyengar Certified teachers are members of
The BKS Iyengar Yoga Association of Australia

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