The Restorative Journey

Intensive Online July 27, 28 & 29

3 MORNINGS 7.30 – 8.45 AM
3 EVENINGS 5.00 – 6.15 PM
 Wednesday, Thursday & Friday  

Where: via Zoom 

with Suzi Chin Silicz

Jet lag practice, London 2017


During the last week in July the MOON will be waning down to 0% light and then into a new moon. This is a time to preserve and reserve energy. To bring the mind towards the vast space inside our physical and mental being & wellbeing. 

The intention of this intensive is to work with two complimenting daily practices, in the morning and evening – a wonderful opportunity over 3 dedicated days to retreat and explore.

We will focus on RESTORATIVE ASANA and it’s place in life & practice. A journey through the world of restorative yoga over 3 mornings and 3 evenings so your whole being can absorb the nuances and reap the benefits of this practice at different times of the day, energetically and mentally. 

Drop down into some time at home, roll out your mat and connect.

Students will need at least 1 year yoga experience to attend this intensive.
Modifications will be made for anyone with physical limitations.

Of course I recommend to set time aside and do the whole intensive, but if that’s not possible you can do either the morning or the evening sessions.

What you’ll need

* A quiet, warm space with minimal distractions. (resting pets are fine)
* Wear non-restrictive, loose but warm clothing.
* Props: Yoga Mat, a belt, block, a few blankets or thick towels or bolster
* Zoom downloaded on your device
* Muted mobile phone

! Note: The regular zoom classes will not run during this week. 

Please book asap
Bookings close 5pm Tuesday July 26

Cost: $130 full intensive
AM or PM only: $75

* Book via the form above.
* Once you book payment details & the zoom link will be emailed to you.
* Please see full T&C’s HERE if you need to cancel or withdraw.

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